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Necromancer Themes and Combat Roles

Necromancer Trait Lines

Upon reaching level 11, you will begin earning Trait Points (1 per level for a total of 70 at level 80) that can be spent in any of the five available Trait Lines. Each point spent will increase 2 primary or secondary attributes, with every 5 points spent unlocking either a Minor or Major trait.

The trait lines for the necromancer are listed below, along with their associated attributes and weapon or utility skill type associations.

The necromancer makes heavy use of Condition damage to drain the health of their foes over time rather than focusing on direct damage attacks. Most of the necro’s weapon and utility skill lines take this into account, and also provide plenty of opportunities to transform Boons into Conditions on foes, or benefit from the presence of Conditions in various ways.

The necro breaks away from the archetype by being a strong melee- or mid-range combatant, but can also be played at range depending on which weapons you equip. They also offer high survivability which can be augmented through a combination of the Toughness attribute, Life Stealing abilities, the Death Shroud mechanic, and the ability to summon minions.

GW2 Necro Putrid Explosion

This helps make them a great profession for solo PvE, but the necro also stands out as one of the best tanks in dungeons, and offer strong defense in structured PvP. On the flipside, in World vs. World the necro does tend to suffer from a lack of long-range offensive capabilities, and often functions best in a support role in that game type.

Necromancer Weapons

GW2 Necro Weapon Skills

Starting at level 7, the necromancer is able to equip two unique weapon sets. These can be actively swapped by pressing the [`] key at any time out-of-combat, though there will be a short cooldown after swapping weapon sets during combat before you will be able to swap back again. For more information on how this system works, please refer to our Intro Guide to Builds.

The weapons that necromancers can equip along with their associated skills can be seen in-game by opening the Hero window [H] and selecting the Skills and Traits tab on the left. You can see a list of available weapons for the necro below, or also by clicking to view a larger version of the image shown to the right.

Main Hand Off-Hand Two-Handed Aquatic
Axe Dagger Staff Spear
Dagger Focus Trident
Scepter Warhorn