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the ranger uses a fair amount of direct damage skills

For damage output, the ranger uses a fair amount of direct damage skills that can be further augmented by plenty of Condition based attacks. Your choice of focusing on melee or ranged combat will largely help decide which Attributes will be the most vital for your overall build. For example, the necro benefits most from increasing Condition Damage, while the mesmer tends to focus a bit more on increasing the Power attribute. For the ranger, the choice isn’t quite so cut and dried.

Both greatsword and longbow attacks tend to focus on direct damage, or conditions that hinder rather than damage foes. As such, builds focused on these two weapons can greatly benefit from increasing Precision for a higher crit chance, and Critical Damage.

On the flip side, the sword and shortbow main-hand weapons rely far more on condition damage to wear enemies down over time, and can greatly benefit from increasing Condition Damage, especially if you utilize traps for your utility skills to deal even more damage through conditions.

GW2 Eir Stegalkin

Eir Stegalkin, shown above, is a norn ranger that characters from that race will interact with throughout their personal story in Guild Wars 2

Bear in mind that these are not hard rules to follow, but rather a more general thing to be conscious of while getting a feel for which combat style – melee vs. ranged – you prefer the most. Rangers are also capable of providing plenty of group support through traps and spirits, and excel in World vs. World, PvE, and structured PvP equally unlike many other professions.

Amphibious Pets

There are four unique families of Amphibious pets, each with multiple species that you can charm on your ranger. Amphibious pets can be used both on land or underwater, and can be added to any of the four pet slots in the Pet Management window [K].

  • Arctodus
  • Black Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Murrelow
  • Polar Bear

  • Carrion Devourer
  • Lashtail Devourer
  • Whiptail Devourer

  • Ice Drake
  • Marsh Drake
  • River Drake
  • Salamander Drake

  • Jaguar
  • Jungle Stalker
  • Lynx
  • Snow Leopard

Aquatic Pets

There are thee unique families of Aquatic pets. The Jellyfish has a number of unique species that you can charm on your ranger, while there is currently only one species each for the Armor Fish and Shark. Aquatic pets can only be used underwater, and can only be added to the bottom two slots in the Pet Management window [K].

  • Armor Fish

  • Blue Jellyfish
  • Rainbow Jellyfish*
  • Red Jellyfish

  • Shark