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Complete Skill Challenge Guide to Queensdale

The seventh, and final, skill challenge location in Queensdale is in the middle of a centaur camp in the Taminn Foothills. This skill challenge is located east of the one in the Godslost Swamp. While the challenge is to simply commune (hit the [F] key to interact) with a pillar of light, the fact that it is in the middle of a centaur camp makes it the most difficult skill challenge location in Queensdale if you’re playing solo. The centaurs in this area spawn rapidly and there is quite a large number of them running around. I would recommend going in with a group to clear out the centaurs or wait for some other players to clear a path so you can quickly run up and commune with the pillar of light.

Overall, the vast majority of the skill challenges in Queensdale are not hard to get to and complete. The underwater location in the Godslost Swamp may provide some difficulty if you haven’t unlocked any of the attacks for your aquatic weapons outside of the base attack., while the centaur camp in the Taminn Foothills is difficult if you’re going it alone. However, the goal of nabbing extra skill points is definitely worth the effort in Guild Wars 2. There are seven total skill points you can add to your skill point coffer, which can result in more than a few extra skill choices.

guild wars 2 complete skill challenge guide to queensdale

While a player will automatically receive a skill point every level starting at level 5, there is a way to earn additional skill points in Guild Wars 2. This secondary method is through participating in Skill Challenges. Every explorable zone (both PvE and WvW) will have a number of skill challenges present that you can undertake as you travel through Tyria. You’ll be able to see how many skill challenges are present in a zone when you load in by looking at the loading screen, or by opening the map [M] while out exploring.

Queensdale, the starting human zone in Guild Wars 2, has a total of seven skill challenges for players to earn extra skill points. Each skill challenge will result in an additional skill point if successfully completed. The skill challenges can range from simple communion with an item or a deadly fight against a foe. If you have to fight to complete the skill challenge, make sure that you’re an approximate level of the NPC to do so. To help you squeeze out every skill point possible, we’ve put together this complete guide to skill challenges in Queensdale.