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Complete Vista Guide to Hoelbrak

Now you have a complete guide to the vistas in Hoelbrak, fellow adventurers. Most of the vistas are relatively easy to get to, with the one located between the Snow Leopard Lodge and the Raven Lodge as the most difficult one to reach. Overall, vistas are a cool part of Guild Wars 2 that has a nice little reward, the cinematic cutscene, for finding them and interacting with them.

Vista #2 – Eastern Watchpost

The second vista in Hoelbrak is found just southwest of the Eastern Watchpost waypoint on the side of a small mountain. This vista is also pretty easy to get to. There’s a path on the southern side of the mountain that you can jump/climb up to get to the vista. It’s a little slippery but extremely manageable. There are other icy paths in Hoelbrak that are much more difficult (cue ominous music).

Vista #3 – Southern Watchpost

The next vista in our list is found north of the Southern Watchpost waypoint in Hoelbrak. The vista here is located on top of a structure that we need to find our way onto. Like the first two vistas, this one is also easy to reach. All you have to do is go towards the vista from the Southern Watchpost waypoint. Stay close to the large gray rock on your left that rises high into the sky and move out onto the edge of the mountain that’s adjacent to the corner of the structure that the vista is on. All you have to do then is jump over to the structure and interact with the vista.

Our fourth vista in Hoelbrak is found at Lake Mourn. The vista in this location is residing on top of a frozen hill. Getting to this vista is childishly simple as all you have to do is walk up the hill and interact with it.

guild wars 2 complete vista guide to hoelbrak

There are many rewards for exploring the vast world of Tyria in Guild Wars 2. One such reward that you’ll find as you travel throughout the various zones of the game is Vistas. A player can interact with a vista, which will then start a panoramic mini-movie that shows the surrounding area in lush detail.

Vistas in Guild Wars 2 take the form of a map hovering in midair within a pillar of light. To interact with the vista and start the cutscene, the player has to interact with it by hitting [F] on their keyboard when they are adjacent to it. While some vistas are easily reached by simply walking up to them, others are harder to reach and may require completing a jumping puzzle to get to.

The cutscenes associated with vistas are gorgeous to watch, but they do have other benefits when you interact with them. A player will gain experience when they interact with them for the first time and they also count towards the completion total of the area and the world.

Hoelbrak, the capital city of the Norn, has a total of five vistas for the players to find and interact with. A player will know the number of vistas by looking at the loading screen when entering a zone or at any time in the map legend for that area. A vista is identified on maps (you open a map by hitting the [M] key) with two red triangles.