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Dungeon Survival Guide

Speaking of enemies, you’ll also want to be careful that you don’t accidentally spawn too many mobs for your group to handle at once. Using Catacombs as our example again, be sure to watch for blue mist rising from the ground. Each patch can spawn veteran ghosts and if you’re not careful in some areas you may spawn multiple mobs at once. If you do end up in that situation, however, don’t panic. If need be you can always attempt to break the encounter and head back once the mobs have reset, then proceed to pull them normally.

Catacombs 2

Dodge Often

Most bosses in the dungeons will have one or more major attacks that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. For example, some bosses use an attack that pulls players towards them, and while knocked down you’ll suffer from a pretty major AoE damage spike.

Watching for these larger attacks can be critical to your survival, and a well-timed dodge may mean the difference between taking a dirt nap, and collecting some shiny loot from chests. While much of the explorable PvE content may not necessitate actively dodging regularly during combat, it’s a skill you’ll really want to sharpen before stepping into the dungeons.

Catacombs 3

Use Line of Sight to Your Advantage

Along with actively dodging to avoid larger attacks, before you even begin any boss encounters take note of your surroundings. Many spaces will have multiple ways for you to break line of sight (LoS) which can be just as effective as knowing when to dodge to avoid larger attacks. While not all professions and roles will be able to hang back out of melee range to take advantage of breaking LoS, those that can should consider doing so as much as possible.

GW2 Dungeon Survival Guide

Dungeons represent some of the most challenging content available in Guild Wars 2. And while story mode tends to be much easier than the various explorable modes, you still won’t want to enter the dungeons unprepared. To help make your first runs go smoothly, we’ve compiled a collection of tips and important things to be aware of.

Kill order and Target Calling

Most groups of enemies you’ll encounter in the dungeons will have a preferred kill order based on things like how much damage they can cause to your group, crowd control abilities, or whether they support their allies in some way. A good example here would be the Monks in Ascalonian Catacombs which should be considered high priority targets, followed by any Elementalists and Mesmers.

Some of this will boil down to a bit of trial and error to figure out which mobs should be taken down first, but some of the general MMO rules about defeating casters first do tend to apply here.