There is a significant matter we should not ignore

About GW2 Gold Resource

There is a significant matter we should not ignore, that is, how to get enough GW2 Gold. Even if you come here, you should know that is an exclusive place to buy various Guild Wars 2 commodities, which certainly conclude Guild Wars 2 Gold. As for enhancing character’s skill, we should spend at least several gold on improving armor and weapons. As for the appearance, we need to spend GW2 Gold on the cloths and shoes to beautify our character. Fortunately, is the perfect place for you. Happy weekend!

About the Lost Shore

We don’t know too much about the Lost Shore – the next mysterious one-time event. We just know that it will be triggered by an event what happened at the Lion’s Arch. It is said that the triggered timestamp set on Friday, Nov 16, 2012 at noon (PCT) or 20:00 (GMT). And the climax of the event will appear on the day later than Nov, 16. What kind of disaster and radical change will be showing on that day, let’s wait and see!

About the Game Raid

Although ArenaNet published its raid to the players, we don’t need to spend money on it. We can acquire needed knowledge from various forums and blogs. We can learn much experience from others through the text. We can also acquire skills from others via videos. There are masses of seasoned players and elites active in and Youtube, and share their experience with the massive public.

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