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Fallout 76 Update: New 10mm SMG Detailed Explanation and Combat Performance

In the latest update of Fallout 76, we welcome an exciting new weapon – the Improved 10mm SMG. This new weapon is more powerful than the regular version in many ways and has multiple hidden effects. Let’s take a deeper look at the specific functions and combat performance of this new weapon.

How to obtain new weapons

How to obtain new weapons

This new 10mm SMG can be obtained by participating in the nuclear explosion event in the new area. After the nuclear explosion at the weather station, a new boss event will be triggered. Defeating the boss has a chance to drop these rare new weapons. Due to the low drop rate, players may need to challenge the boss multiple times to get this new gun. In order to better experience this new weapon, you may need more resources. Consider buying caps fallout 76 to improve your gaming experience. Sufficient caps can help you get the equipment and items you need faster, making your adventure in the wasteland smoother and more enjoyable.

Actual combat demonstration

Actual combat demonstration

The performance of this new weapon in actual combat is impressive. When facing powerful enemies such as super mutants and legendary behemoths, it demonstrates excellent shooting accuracy and efficient killing ability. When using this weapon, my commander character can maintain efficient output when facing multiple enemies, especially when using 10mm cheap ammunition, this weapon is more economical.

Double Hardened Piercing 10mm Submachine Gun

Comparison with other weapons

Compared to the regular cheap Double Hardened Piercing 10mm Submachine Gun, the new version is undoubtedly superior in all aspects. So how does it compare to other top weapons such as “The Fixer”?

  • Damage comparison: The Fixer has higher damage per bullet, but the new 10mm SMG has a higher rate of fire and ammo capacity, so the overall DPS (damage per second) is quite impressive.
  • AP consumption: The AP consumption of the Fixer is slightly lower, but the AP consumption of the new 10mm SMG has been reduced to a very low level, making it better in long battles.
  • Ammo economy: The 10mm ammo used by the new 10mm SMG is cheaper, giving it a significant advantage in resource management.
new 10mm SMG

Weapon Features and Effects

This new 10mm SMG not only looks cool, but also comes with many hidden effects and accessories. Here are some key features:

  • Hidden silencer and reflex sight: Although it is not visible on the outside, this weapon is equipped with a hidden silencer and reflex sight, which greatly improves its concealment and aiming efficiency.
  • Reduced AP consumption: The new 10mm submachine gun has an AP consumption of only 6, while the regular version has an AP consumption of 24. This significant reduction is due to the hidden 50% AP consumption reduction effect, which greatly improves the endurance of the weapon.
  • Equipment configuration: The initial configuration of this weapon is almost perfect, with a precision receiver and a linear barrel. Players only need to replace it with a long barrel to increase the range. It is also equipped with a powerful stock and a fast magazine, which further reduces AP consumption.

This new 10mm SMG not only far exceeds the regular version in performance, but also shows strong competitiveness when facing top weapons. Its high rate of fire, large ammo capacity and low AP consumption make it a good choice for players in daily battles. If you don’t have this weapon yet, you may want to try your luck in the new nuclear explosion boss event.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you again in the wasteland!