Guild Wars 2

The easiest way to go about selling an item

One thing that you should be aware of is the fact that you need to travel to the Trading Post to collect an item you have bought or to receive the profit from something you have sold.  I do find this a little odd as I can’t understand why the items or money earned aren’t mailed to you but I eventually learned the hard way by buying 5 Greatswords, thinking my purchase and personal mail was lagging.

For anything you do sell on the Trading Post there will be a 15% fee based on the items total sale price, which is a relatively large amount.

Technically an auction house (for anyone familiar with other massively multiplayer games) the Trading Post is Guild Wars 2’s player to player trading system.  The major selling point of the Trading Post is the fact that it’s global, meaning all items bought and sold on it are across different Worlds.  In traditional style, the auction house is where players can buy and sell items at their own leisure without the need to trade directly with a player or find an NPC.

Unlike in other MMOG’s where you would be required to physically travel to an auction house to list your wares or buy from others, you can buy or sell from the Trading Post anywhere in the game world, meaning for players like me who find the whole system hugely addictive, the draw of making money is only a click away, regardless of where you are.

The easiest way to go about selling an item on the Trading Post is to simply right click an item in your inventory and select “Sell at Trading Post”.  The Trading Post window will then appear in the middle of your screen and will display the various options available to you in terms of sale or buying price as well the value of other items in your inventory.

Under the “Sell” tab you will be able to specify your unit price as well as list the quantity of an item you wish to sell. Alternatively and often the easiest method, you can always choose “Meet highest buyer” which will automatically set the value you of your item based on the price currently set by the highest bidder at the Trading Post.  You can also select “Match lowest seller” which will only sell the item when a buyer meets your sale price.

Last but not least is Gem Trading.  Through the Currency Exchange window you can trade gold for gems or gems for gold based on the current market price.  The Currency Exchange window will also display recent gem sale prices, the average price as well as the highest and lowest over a period of time.  For anyone wishing to convert their gold or gems, it’s well worth keeping track of the market data rather than exchanging them instantly as you might get a little more bang for your buck if you play it right.