Guild Wars 2

purchased the Standard or Digital Edition of Guild Wars 2

The Digital Deluxe Upgrade is packed with helpful stuff that will come in handy during your adventures in Tyria—everything from the deadly to the oddly adorable. Whether you purchased the Standard or Digital Edition of Guild Wars 2, you can easily upgrade your account to Digital Deluxe when the game goes live from Headstart Access onward.Here’s what you’ll get in Digital Deluxe:

  • Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill – This powerful skill allows you to summon a deadly Mistfire Wolf, a spectral animal with unique powers of her own.
  • Miniature Rytlock – He may not even reach your character’s knees, but this tiny miniature Rytlock still has all the spirit and ferocity of the charr! Miniature Rytlock may not wade into battle for you, but he is awfully cute.
  • Chalice of Glory – This single-use chalice provides your character with Glory, which they can use to unlock PvP rewards.
  • Tome of Influence – Boost your guild’s influence with this single-use sacred book.
  • Golem Banker – This automated manservant will allow you to access your storage account from anywhere for five days.

Upgrading to Digital Deluxe is simple:

  • Log in to Guild Wars 2.
  • Once you’re in-game, go to the Black Lion Trading Company by pressing “O” or clicking the lion head icon in the upper left of your screen and select “Upgrades.”
  • Click and confirm the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Upgrade.

 This is important: after you’ve purchased the Digital Deluxe Upgrade, you’ll need to log out and log in again. Your digital items will be delivered via in-game mail.