Guild Wars 2

It is Not story in Guild Wars II

It is not a story about the game. You know this only if you experienced guild wars 2 playing. Grassland wolf is the king, forbear, tough, aggressive, good at  guild wars 2 gold  team work, every time hunting will be accompanied by careful tactics and a perfect fit. The wolf clan perennial with wolves in wolves, constantly learning  guildwars gold  tactics, the final training into a wolf team, Temujin is an outstanding representative of the wolf clan, he inherited the wolf will lead the people across the prairie.White Wolf clan tribe has been loyal allies.

They live in the grasslands cheap gw2 gold  of the edge. Unlike most steppe tribe, they are good at bow. The history of white deer and wolf between gave birth to countless poignant  gw gold   love story. Temujin’s mother comes from here. Now white deer clan leader is De Xue afraid, he is as large Princess Marco infants with father, early Temujin and engagement, in early to help build up establishment as a larger.

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