Guild Wars 2

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You can actively train a total of two crafting disciplines at any given time. To select a new discipline to train, you will need to speak to the associated NPC trainer. All major cities have an area where crafting trainers, vendors, and workstations can be found, but they can also be found in a number of towns and villages in the explorable zones.

In major cities, don’t forget that you can toggle between the different “layers” of the city on the map. To do so, click on any of the various layers for that particular map on the bottom right corner.

Once you’ve selected to train in any of the crafting disciplines, you will also be able to view a version of the Production tab shown above via the main Hero window [H] by clicking on the Crafting tab. Keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to view a list of any known recipes and their required components via the Hero window. To actually produce any of the items you will need to be near the appropriate crafting station.

Salvage kits will allow you to break certain items down into crafting materials, and have a chance of returning any upgrade items slotted in any armors, weapons, or accessories you salvage. The kits are a stackable item that’s stored in your normal inventory, with one kit consumed each time you salvage an item.

Beyond any equippable items dropped by creatures, many also have a chance to drop items labled as Salvage Item. These will return a number of components, but unlike armor, weapons, and accessories, they will not provide you with any item upgrades when salvaged.

Once you’ve located the NPC trainers, interact with them using the default [F] key, and begin a conversation. As shown below, each one will provide you with some basic information about what that discipline is able to produce, types of materials you will need, and other important info specific to that discipline.

For example, the starting zones for each race (level 1-15 zones) contain a town or outpost where you will be able to train and craft. These are located in areas with content for around level 10 which can be a good time to start crafting, and allows you to do so without having to travel back to a major city to do so.