Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet make rapid expansion of Guild Wars 2 PvP

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet is planning to extend the current PVP game development, trying to MMO launch of this popular game big eSports League. This studio is located in Washington’s goal is to put this battle sequel in the field of MMO PVP game becomes popular, game director Colin Johanson told Polygon said; however, there are a lot of them before the next step to be done. From the game was released, we really did not become truly successful for so PVP preparations, Johanson said. But we’re getting really fully understand the contents of the arrival of these, so it is time that we take the time to make this aspect of Guild Wars 2 Gold, we have not fully given the opportunity to grow into large-scale gaming projects.

Guild Wars 2 is released in September last year, but in January 2013 before we put the focus back to the PVP game tune the number of users increase, he said. January, we began to make changes in competitive relevant content, so that PVP open to more competitive players. We’ve created a patch, a lot of players are playing in the day time 2 times PVP. ArenaNet is the game’s PVP development into three stages. Seen in the first phase this year, the introduction of matching system that allows users to see their world ranking, and ultimately allow players to qualify to participate in competitions, and finally into the championship, Johanson explained.

The next stage is the custom arena, let everyone have their own server PVP. Would allow players to play the PVP set their own rules, and encryption for protection, and they can be organized on the basis of athletic competition, or let team to practice in preparation for the race. The last stage is the spectator mode, we will invite professional guides to watch the big game PVP and recorded, with the lens and on-site commentary sent once we are ready to all of this, we It can really be armed as we want the same again.

Studio in April when the introduction of the game and watch the battle arena custom mode test version, custom arena as many as 120 custom options, from members of the Association of the resurrection in the form to the locked skills encompassing. Our goal is to make Cheap GW2 Gold to become the best in the field of PVP MMO game, we feel that the current prospects of the PVP gaming is really great, especially the MMO.’m Really still in the field of electric competition to fill the position of PVP. We see a lot of response from the PVP community, we just need these become a reality, then we can try to become an important part of gaming.