Guild Wars 2

Contested Areas Controlled Per World in Guild Wars 2

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The pie chart shown below offers a basic view of the ratio of territory each of the three home worlds currently controls. For the most part, this is simply a more graphical display of the totals shown in the next section of the Stats and Bonuses window.

The sixth and final section of the WvW Stats and Bonuses window we’ll be looking at displays the current Contested Areas controlled by each world, as well as how many points each world stands to gain at the end of the next point tally countdown.

As you can see in the image above, there are four distinct control point types tracked. From left to right, these are:Resource Camps – worth 5 points each every 5 minutes controlled;Towers – worth 10 points each every 5 minuts controlled;Keeps – worth 25 points each every 5 minutes controlled;Stonemist Castle – worth 50 points every 5 minutes controlled.

The point values listed provide a good indication of the relative difficulty (or number of players needed) to successfully capture and control each type. For example, resource camps are worth the least points, but also take far fewer players to successfully capture than a tower or keep. At the end of the point tally countdown, the points your world will earn will be based directly on your areas controlled.

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