Guild Wars 2

The weapons that necromancers can equip in Guild Wars 2

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Starting at level 7, the necromancer is able to equip two unique weapon sets. These can be actively swapped by pressing the [`] key at any time out-of-combat, though there will be a short cooldown after swapping weapon sets during combat before you will be able to swap back again. For more information on how this system works, please refer to our Intro Guide to Builds.

The weapons that necromancers can equip along with their associated skills can be seen in-game by opening the Hero window [H] and selecting the Skills and Traits tab on the left. You can see a list of available weapons for the necro below, or also by clicking to view a larger version of the image shown to the right.

The unique profession mechanic for the necromancer is called Death Shroud. This is a temporary state that you can enter that will grant you access to four additional skills both on land and while underwater.

You can activate Death Shroud at any time by pressing the [F1] key, though first you must have built up sufficient Life Force. Life force can be gained through active use of weapon and utility skills which can be further augmented through Traits. Your total life force will be displayed directly above your weapon skills as shown in the image below.

Upon entering death shroud, your life force will slowly drain over time, but will also serve as a temporary secondary health pool. In other words, instead of taking damage to your health while in death shroud, incoming damage will instead reduce your available life force. Once your life force has been depleted you will automatically exit death shroud, but can also do so at any time by pressing the [F1] key again.

This mechanic can be used to greatly enhance your survivability, and there are a number of traits that provide additional benefits to using death shroud, slow the rate at which life force drains, or even factor in strong team support components.For more details on death shroud, life force, and supporting skills and traits be sure to check out our complete Death Shroud and Life Force Guide.

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