You want to Defend Yourself While Playing RuneScape

In the RuneScape, you must be able to defend yourself. This is especially important Runescape Gold when you are fighting dragons and other monsters that are hundreds of levels higher than you. To increase your chances of success, you should equip the best armor you can find.

The full Bandos armor set has a full helm, platebody, legs and a kiteshield. It sells on the Grand Exchange for an average price of 1, 300, 000 gold pieces. The Bandos sword completes this outfit, but it is a two-handed weapon, so you will not need the kiteshield. This set offers one of the greatest strength boosts to increase the amount of damage you can do.

While high priced on the Grand Exchange, the Armadyl set is the best set for rangers. Priced at around 2, 100, 000 gold pieces on the Grand Exchange, this set comes with a platebody, full helm, legs and kitesheild. For those who do not want to purchase this armor from the Grand Exchange, you can acquire the pieces as drops when you defeat Armadyl in “God Wars. ”

If defense is not your primary concern when fighting high level creatures, Dharok’s armor is a good choice for you. Priced at around 6, 600, 000 gold pieces on the Grand Exchange, this set gives its wearer the highest potential hit bonus in the entire game. The catch is that the hits get higher as your health gets lower. You have to keep your health as low as possible without dieing to get the most out of this set. This set comes with Dharok’s helm, body, legs and greataxe. The entire set is required to get the extra strength boost.

Guthan’s armor is one of the most popular armors in the game for mid-level players, and with good reason. It is the only armor that will heal you while fighting Runescape 2007 Gold creatures. The Guthan’s armor sells on the Grand Exchange for about 2, 000, 000 RS Gold pieces and contains Guthan’s helm, body, chainskirt and spear. You must wear the entire set, and you will occasionally be healed by whatever amount of damage you inflict.

If you want to be a millionaire in RuneScape, you have your work cut out for you. Earning 100 million gold pieces takes a long time, but if you have the patience and the dedication, you can work your way up to this lucrative goal. Many RuneScape players choose to earn RS Gold by completing quests and killing high-level monsters, but if you’re serious about earning a big profit, the most efficient way is to start selling items to other players.

Learn a trade skill, such as Crafting, Fletching or Farming Runescape Powerleveling. Cooking and Fishing can earn you profits as well, but these skills tend to not earn money as quickly.