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Final Fantasy XIV announced at TGS new content

This is nearly a month since Square Enix company re-launched their second online game, Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state. While many of us still made our way through the story, on 50, the other players are already out there looking for more content. Approximately 2.1 update before the launch we have heard some discussion, but recently the producer Naoki Yoshida at Tokyo Game Show, for everyone to quickly see if we have something to look forward with ARR’s first major update.

For those level-capped players looking for a new instance is running, there will be some new dungeons 2.1 update. In these new instances are rent the latest RAID, Crystal Tower. This will be a 24-player dungeon, according to Yoshida, not inferior to lose some of the players point of view is guaranteed wipe.

If the dungeons and law enforcement officers are not your thing, or you’ve been longing for something a little more unpredictable than the scripted NPC battle, 2.1 update will also bring new PvP Arena features ARR.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Final Fantasy XIV Gil,FFXIV Power leveling  In Wolves hut, two teams of four players will face off against each other, fighting and glory.

2.1 The other main function is to update a bit less operational focus: Players houses. All three city-states in Eorzea prospective homeowners about 380 different kinds of parts, to make your house stand out from others.

Yoshida also hinted at some other functions, from 2.1 update:

Treasure Hunt (no real information other than looking for treasure, and can be done alone or in a group)
Hard Mode for a special enemies (they kept secret the identity of the monster now)
Daily original task
Content Search – random match (random match a variety of content. Give the device token).
Hairdressing (to change your hairstyle)