Guild Wars 2

GW festival: Pink Day in LA!

Pink Day in LA is returning once again on October 19th at 12-6pm CST (-6 UTC). It is an online charity event hosted by Gamers Giving Back (with the help of countless volunteers) in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to raise funds for Cancer Research.

The event will take place within Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 and for anyone who can’t be in-game on the day, you can still tune into the GW-EN radio stream to take part and win prizes. The fine folks over at guildwars2live will also be live streaming the event for your viewing pleasure. The hosted servers are as follows:

Guild Wars 2 NA:
Henge of Denravi
Stormbluff Isle
Sea of Sorrows
Tarnished Coast
Northern Shiverpeaks
Sanctum of Rall

Guild Wars 2 EU:
Aurora Glade
Piken Square

Guild Wars: International District 1

The Schedule:
12:00pm – Kickoff the event on-air with greetings!
– First Crafting Request
12:30pm – On-air Interview with the Canadian Cancer Society
12:45pm – Second Crafting Request
1pm– Start the Pink Day Race
1:15pm – Third Crafting Request
1:30pm – Race should still be on-going or we read Results and do the draws
2:00pm – (pending Race time finishes)
– Fourth Crafting Request
2:30pm – STRIKE A POSE Competition
2:45pm – Fifth Crafting Request
3:00pm – Dj Switches On-air ( Refresh Radio Streams if needed)
3:30pm – Sixth Crafting Request
4:00pm – Seventh Crafting Request – DIVING COMPETITION
5:00pm – Eighth Crafting Request
5:15pm – Guild Wars 2 wide Conga Lines / Screenies to Twitter/Facebook or
– Pink Ribbons and Hearts
5:30pm – Thank Yous and Final Announcements
6:00pm – Kick off After Party!