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Cyan, best known for the game Myst, has announced they are working on a new project, Obudction. Please join me as I do the happy dance in reaction to this news!

Kickstarter has paved the way for many developers to make games that might not have seen the light of day otherwise. Although the initial popularity and interest has died down a little since the launch of Kickstarter, there are still projects on there to be excited about. Enter Obduction.


Staying true to the element’s that dramatically changed the adventure gaming genre back in 1993 with Myst, Obduction aims to recreate some of that magic. Largely focusing on exploration, puzzle solving and creating an immersive world for you to be a part of. Once again the player will be dropped into the unknown with little explanation as to where they are and what to do. As the majority of the game hinges on mystery, there is very little information provided on the Kickstarter page but hopefully there is enough to whet your appetite.

With over $40,000 already pledged, the probability of Cyan reaching their goal is high. As with any Kickstarter project there are various rewards to be had for anyone willing to throw their money in. You have until November 16th to contribute and if the project goal is met, Obduction is set to be in the hands of gamers by the end of 2015.