How many people are playing the oldschool

Oldschool is definitely the runescape for runescape fans for a lot of reasons. First of all, obviously the nostalgia thing is thrown around a lot, but it’s really a great aspect of the game. someone love the old graphics, other people want 09scape or whatever but alot of players dig the old look. But more than just that, it feels so untouched. It’s like the golden age of runescape history. There’s no soloman’s store, or squeals, or microtransactions, bonds, advertisements, etc etc. It’s just good buy oldschool rs gold. That’ maybe why so much players are attracted by it .

runescapegold 2007

“when i am first day to play runescape , it was like HEAVEN” Tedy , one of our site loyal buyer told us that . he likes runescape so much . he told us the runescape oldschool had a huge influence on his childhood ,he said :”i dont want eoc i dont want pre-eoc i want this, Oldschool reviving childhood :). he is such a big fan for runescape ^-^

What do your think about oldschool runescape , welcome to share your idea with us !