The Elder Scrolls Online

Beginners Guide to Synergy in elder scrolls online

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It is a system to encourage combining moves and abilities. The more everyone uses Synergy, the more successful the team will become as a result. Every class/player has a special ability, and the Synergy system allows you and your group to merge these abilities. Not only are these abilities going to help you get more experience and level quicker. But if you use them together with your friends, they are only going to take your group better. If you’re all combining attacks and thinking about things a bit more, and just trying to fight smoother and better, you’ll be doing more damage and you’ll be hearing more. Whatever it is your trying to do, you’re going to do it more effectively, so your group will kill quicker. Therefore, you will go through things and level quicker, not only through the extra XP you will gain, but just by killing things quicker. All in all, you’ll be saving time.

The benefits of using synergy and combining your abilities include granting you more Finesse, while your team will kill quicker as these combos will increase DPS and HPS. You will get extra XP. More synergy and Finesse you earn in a fight, the more experience the kill yields. If you’re just sitting there doing the bare minimum trying to just kill stuff, you’re not going to get much XP. They’re not really that necessary when you’re just questing and just killing whatever it is in your way. You’re doing not to go to get much of a difference from that. In terms of a boss battle or a group of enemies that are trying to take you down and you’re in a bit of a predicament, this is going to really help you get the max xs out of the situation. I would think it makes the game more entertaining because it asks you to play in a certain way, rather than just doing the bare minimum and just grinding through, which you can do if you want.

There will be exceptional rewards for you mastering your character although they’ve not been revealed yet. I guess if you’re using the finesse in getting these skills really smooth, using all your abilities really well, and you’re getting the max XP, there will be some rating that your character will get. Once do not leave to a certain point, you get some unique loot, abilities, or the so-called ‘special rewards’. We don’t have confirmed information yet, so there’s no idea as to what it is. Like I just mentioned, everything I’ve just mentioned is far more imperative in dungeons and instances, and not so critical with small weak monsters. To learn more click here!