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How WoW Power leveling Service Works

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How WoW Power leveling Service Works

1. After you made your payment, your should input your account name and password, then contact us via live chat.
2. We will test your game account and password and then start your order.
3. Some times your account will be temporarily locked since the login location change. So you should help us unlock your account by just changing a new password.
4. Please do not login your game account before we complete your order.
5. When order completed, an email or a sms notification will be sent to you.
6. Get your account back and check if we did everything as we promised.Please remember to change your password after you make sure everything is OK!
7. If you met any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us for help!

How we keep your account safe?
1.Do not level your character over 16 hours per day.
2.Never trade gold in the game.
3.Never use bots or something.
4.One IP only for one account in our workroom.
5.Can customers log in the game when we are working? NO. Because if the GM and Game Security System detect the IP changes, your game account might be locked. It takes time to unlock it and it will delay our powerleveling process. This is the most important thing for customers and us.Thanks for your understanding.
6.Please tell us if your account got suspension or banned before this. It is also very important. For these accounts we will do the job much more carefully.

We Promise:
1.We never use BOTS or some kinds software to level your character.
2.We never use your account to farm gold and other illegal things against the game rules.
3.We never steal your game currency or items.
4.We never disclose your private infomation like account name and character name to others.
You may request a refund at any time before we complete your order. We will partially refund the payment for the unfinished part.