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EA has a difficulty but we do not be afraid

EA and Origin login difficulties, and are generally now investigating specifically what’s taking place at the moment. Now we are almost an hour into this outage, it seems some people are getting very frustrated.We have also seen confirmation that it’s not only FIFA 15 servers that are down today, but also other games from EA are not working, though the problems seem to be directed at Origin and EA confirmed this themselves earlier today.


This includes NHL, Madden 15, Battleground 4, plus more that see a huge number of tweets asking why the servers will not be operating, as well as software that will not sign in.You can see one of the primary tweets from EA Sports activities FIFA that proved these people were “investigating”. The amount of tweets stating “FIFA 15 servers are down”, or EA server issues, has hit a high for October. This seems to be one of the biggest outages for the franchise this month, although it’s understandable when you consider this looks like an attack directed at the gaming company.


If it’s Lizard Squad, is very hard to stop even for a multi billion dollar company like Electronic Arts, it is worth pointing out to our readers that this type of attack. This is why if so, did you notice it was EA server issues right away, you might just have to put up with the FUT app, FIFA 15, and the games not working online until this attack stops, or the company find a temporary fix.Is FIFA 15 down for you right now and? The final upgrade from EA arrived just a couple moments ago, plus they reported “Our crew remains to be investigating”. It is obvious a little more clarification could be accepted through the gamers.