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Maybe you can play FIFA 15 from your XBOX to PC some days late

Microsoft is currently readying a new update for the Windows 10 preview which focuses on consumer features of their upcoming operating systems, one of which is a brand new Xbox App for PC which allows Xbox One players to access Xbox features such as Achievements, Friend Lists, Activity feeds, and more. The preview also shows off Cortana integration which will allow users to use voice commands in Windows 10.

For those of you who can’t get enough of your Xbox but are disappointed that it’s currently limited to the console itself and the very small functionality found in the Smartglass app, will be pleased to know that with Windows 10, there’ll be a new way for you to access Xbox One features. In an upcoming build which The Verge has managed to get their hands on, there seems to be a new focus on consumer apps, one of which is for the Xbox One allowing to you access your Achievements, fiddle with your Friends list, check out Activity feeds, and purchase games without the need to access your Xbox One with FIFA 15 Coins Xbox ONE to play by your XBOX ONE.

Elsewhere in the preview is the inclusion of Cortana, where the build includes Cortana integration at the top of the Windows 10 search interface allowing you to use text and voice commands in a similar way to those who use Windows Phone. It’ll allow you to access the notebook, reminders, and interests. Right now it’s not entirely functional, but it’s an early look at how the Cortana function will help you get around Windows 10 easier.

The full preview is expected to be unveiled at a press event in January where Microsoft plans to show of more of the consumer side of the operating system which according to Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, is “time for [Microsoft] to talk about gaming on Windows.”