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I like  FIFA, but I had abundant with how crazily over powered teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona accept become in the endure 3-4 editions of the game. Now, I apperceive they are two of the best fifa 15 teams in the apple but still this doesn’t beggarly that they charge to accomplish them this acceptable in game. After all at the end of the day FIFA 15 is still a video game, and in a aggressive game, some balances accept to abide in adjustment for the acquaintance to be fun and enjoyable.

I’ve had matches area my adversary exhausted me with about aught input. A blindly continued canyon from his aegis would about consistently acquisition his antagonist who would calmly overpower two or three defenders and account from a mile away. No circuitous dribbles, no application the bumpers for abacus curvature to his shot, just accepting his cool amateur automatically accepting the brawl to his feet, active through defenders with simple and announcement a beeline attempt to the high bend of the goal.

Again, I know these teams are great if not the greatest at the moment, but still, Ronaldo won’t just run through defenders stronger than him with no effort, Messi won’t overpower defenders much bigger than him, Bale won’t score from 30 meters away when pressured by two defenders, Pepe is not the ultimate defender of the cosmos. Casillas isn’t a goalkeeping god.

But at the end of the day, the biggest gripe I have, is that from FIFA 12 and onwards, you can win with these teams with almost no skill at all. Give Real to a total noob and he will probably give you a run for your money after a couple of matches, cause the team basically plays by itself.

I know I could pick teams with lower star rating and never have to bother with these teams, but with the xbox one version I have, not a lot of people choose non five star teams.

I call them 6 star teams. I don’t use them out of principle. Ok I rarely use them lol, only Barca like 1 out of every 50 odd games for a change (I feel they’re the least OP of the three). The amount of advantages they get is unbelievable.

– Tackles going back to their teammates, often 2-3 times in a row, or to the player himself who was tackled!

– Rebounds

– AI interception straight to through ball, lobbed or grounded, to split the defense and have a 95 pace player one on one with the keeper

– Constant AI interceptions in general

– Ball usually seems to find a player on their team

– Headers, Corners

– Blind passes straight to teammates

– BALL MIRACULOUSLY STAYING IN BOUNDS WHEN THEY TOUCH IT LAST, even when physics would suggests otherwise

– Players (I’m looking at you Ronaldo) constantly shoving off tackles from top level defenders, with relative ease

– Ronaldo (especially) among others literally going right through a tackle

– Receiving very few, if any, of these benefits when using a regular 5 star team against one of these teams

You have to be a fair bit better than your opponent of you’re using a regular 5 star team and they’re using one of the big 3 teams. It’s a joke. The AI is basically in 5th gear trying to find a way to grind out a win for those teams.

I creamed a guy 5-1 with Chelsea vs Real Madrid and was talking to him on the mic all game because he was playing like an absolute ass (lobbed through balls, crosses all game). He messaged me after about how his record’s better than mine and he’s a high ranked player blah blah blah. He did have a good record, over a to 2-1 win/loss ration. What’s worse is that I don’t ever touch lobbed through balls and VERY RARELY cross. I just dribbled him to death, straight up school job.

I dare any of the 6 star team abusers to grow a pair and only use the regular 5 star teams (City, United, Chelsea, Juve, PSG) from now on and see where that lands you in a few seasons. Or at the very least rotate between all the 5 star squads (including your beloved 6 star gems). I guarantee most of these guys will get knocked down 2-3 divisions just from this lone change.

The real problem is with EA programming though. The players on these teams are already better and easier to dribble/shoot/pass with, don’t need the AI working OT to try and help them even more.