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Some Backstory Of FIFA 15

In FIFA 12, I had a abounding Stoke team, and I played that on ultra with adverse advance like it was traveling out of style. Kept like 15 apple-pie bedding in a row, headers galore. Fun times. Not pretty, but I like to play at either end of the spectrum and go “all in” on a specific access rather than be 80% in assorted areas.

Fast advanced to now accepting not played annihilation but FIFA clubs in 2 years.

Got my casual based aggregation all nice and sorted, now searching to accomplish the back-bite it down the addition and whip it in side.

Got IF Andy Carroll on point, but he seems to give zero about actually running into positions he could score headers from and just sort of meanders around and coming short even with stay central as instruction. Wingers that won’t go up the wing yet are perfectly happy to run in at the backpost to steal the cross off of Andy (Jarivs pls, Jarvis stahp). And just a set of generic complaints about corners and the fact that the 4 players in my team with 85+ heading won’t be in the box but all the 5’10 60 heading guys are all up on that.

I just try to build up play with my midfield and wingers. If you have to play it to the striker just get it and give it back to another attacker asap. Obviously using your wingers to cross will be useful but also getting into the box with a winger, drawing defenders to him and opening your striker up, just play an easy pass and he can finish. Not pretty but goals are goals. That’s how I use big strikers.