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TOTY questins form websites and forums

FIFA 15 coins

On reading websites and forums etc about Fifa tips and tactics wise I’ve noticed alot of talk about Toty, now this is where having no experience of previous totys leaves me with a few questions.


Q1) I beleive the release is staggered defenders, midfielders and then strikers yes?

Q2) pack buying wise, seen a few you tubes etc and are the pack limited quantity or limited timeframe? And pack avaliable throughout the week? But best time to buy would be? The 18th since all the FIFA 15 coins  players avaliable? Or buy early hope to get good players to buy more packs??

Q3) do the packs really cost 100k FIFA Coins? Got 2200 Fifa points with the game so what’s the point equivalent?

Q4) are instructions useful for players, played around with them and can’t really see a massive difference!

Q5) currently using a 532 formation as the only way I’ve found to stop through balls just ripping me apart, is there a better way?

Q6) is player buying and selling the best way to make coins? At the current rate Fifa 36 will be out before I can afford the step up in players!

A1) Yes

A2) Special packs may be something like 10 per account with 24hour timeframe to buy…as an example. Regular packs always available. If you wait until 18th they all release at once.

A3) This is when 100k packs release. equivalent of 2000 fifa points.

A4) Instructions are a great method to tell “CPU” where you want a particular player to be when you are controlling someone else. Helpful to, for example, tell a CAM not to go back in defense…

A5) This is a VEEEEEERY long debate as to how to stop opponents who spam lob through balls. My conclusion is to basically ALWAYS anticipate your opponent doing a give and go lob and make sure your defenders are not all the type who attack like crazy. If you search the forums you will find all sorts of comments on this subject matter.

A6) Trading is indeed a great way to afford those expensive players. But it takes understanding the markets and patience. Don’t let emotions dictate your decisions. Find a system and stick to it. Again searching the forums will yield you lots of good tips.