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FIFA 2015 is too real,look at the Real Madrid’s Pepe!


Pepe is not a player to shirk away from a challenge, as the below footage suggests.

The FIFA 2015 has a especially interest that expression the most real scene.So it is no surprise his physical side of the game has been carried on the Real Madrid and Portugal defender who are very like dish out some naughty tackles during his careert.

But as this footage shows, it would seem EA Sports have produced a tackle even the Los Blancos full-back is likely to wince at upon viewing.

Showing great jumping skills and flexibility, Pepe is seen almost decapitating an opponent with a dangerous and high studs-up challenge that catches his opponent square in the face.

The defender could be barred for life from the game if  this happen in a real game and not an assault charge to answer to.