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FIFA 15 Expect To See The Winter Transfer Frequent Updates

The development team at EA Sports is announcing that it is now commencing the winter transfer process for FIFA 15, which is designed to reflect the real world moves that are taking place during the January window and get all the important players to their new teams so that fans can use them in a variety of modes.

The official announcement explains that the studio wants to implement the changes as fast as possible, possibly even just a few days after they are finalized in the real world.

The first batch of FIFA 15 winter transfers includes plenty of team changes, including the biggest move so far, that of striker Wilfried Bony who is no longer part of the Swansea line-up and is ready to star for Manchester City, and more will be delivered soon.

Fans should keep in mind that there’s a difference between the moment when a player is confirmed as making a move by the media and the moment when all the paperwork related to it goes through and the move is fully official.
Constant updates are the key to success


The impact of the changes will be felt across all game modes that are included in FIFA 15, which means that there are also some changes for Ultimate Team.

EA Sports adds, “We will make these changes as quickly as possible, so expect multiple updates throughout January and early February. Please note that this only applies to new items found in packs. If you obtained a player item prior to their transfer, their item will not change while in your collection.”

Many gamers were expecting the studio to introduce one major update when the January window closes.

The system chosen by EA Sports has the advantage of being faster to implement changes, but it can also pose some problems for gamers who cannot keep track of all the changes.

The player community has also been pushing the development team to deliver at least one major title update for FIFA 15, designed to tweak some of the gameplay mechanics that are seen as underpar, which includes using pace to get through defenses and crosses.

So far, EA Sports has not said whether it has plans to modify how the title is played in the near future.