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Chelsea Out of Champions League, Home Defeat

Cheapest Fifa 15 Coins online store – 2014/15 Champions League 1/8 final, second leg a focus on war started competing at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea 2-2 draw at home to Paris Saint-Germain. Ibrahimovic controversial red card sent off, Cavani missed Buddhism, Cahill and Louis has scored. Azar and Tiago – Silva scored in overtime, respectively. Both sides total score 3 to 3 draw, Paris to qualify on away goals advantage.

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Paris launched after opening positively offensive, Verratti forward pass into the restricted area of the rib cage, but Terry promptly with anti-siege. Paris several times a tactical foul counterattack chance to break Chelsea, Mourinho expressed dissatisfaction on the sidelines. Louis with Diego – Costa scraping the ground, got up after former Chelsea defender refused reconciliation. Both sides focus more on defense in the game, the game into a stalemate.

Disputes appear in the first 31 minutes, Ibrahimovic up front to make the lead disclosing Shovel slower ball fell Oscar, replays showed Swedes receive timely feet, but the Brazilians fell slightly exaggerated movements, the number of Chelsea players approached the protest the referee pulled out a red card directly Ibrahimovic penalty, Motta dissatisfaction penalty also received a yellow card. Louis-ball defense against Diego – elbow foul Costa also escaped punishment. Then Diego – Costa into the restricted area in the fall Cavani defense, a penalty the referee did not make the Chelsea players and Mourinho unhappy courtside fans booed everywhere.

William Oscar replaced in the second half. William 40 yard free kick on the right near the corner sudden shot saved by Sirigu, Diego – Costa corner melee barbed shot 15 meters wide. Cavani pass, Maxwell left the restricted area small-angle shot blocked by Cahill. Paris in the 58th minute miss, Pastore pass, offside after Cavani left the restricted area go past Courtois open net lightweight, but the ball hit the left post pop the far corner. Matuyidi not offside penalty, Pastore small-angle low shot was saved by Courtois.

Diego – Costa behind the front uprooting Tiago – Silva, Luis approached provocation, they were booked. Game very strong smell of gunpowder, Verratti pedaling Azar dangerous actions also fined yellow card. William Direct, Ramirez restricted the right of small-angle shot was saved. Chelsea 81 minutes to break the deadlock, Terry headed a corner melee swing back, Diego – Costa volley kick 10 meters crooked, Cahill 11 meters volley into the net. Paris to strengthen the attack, Ravitch and Rabbi Ott off the bench.

Maxwell cross from the left, 12 meters Ravitch header was confiscated Courtois. Zuma replaced the injured Matic. Paris 86th minute equalizer, Ravitch corner, a small edge of the area before Louis powerful header hit the crossbar along the net. He celebrates scoring booed by the fans at Stamford Bridge. Diego – Costa Claudio Munoz down dispute escaped punishment. The total score of the two sides 2-2 draw, into overtime.

Drogba replaced Ramirez played. The first 96 minutes, Chelsea ahead again, Tiago – Silva restricted area within the same for the top. Zuma handball foul penalty kick Azar low shot deceived Sirigu road network, 2-1. The first 101 minutes, Lewis 35 meters long-range free kick was saved by Courtois. William back in the cross, Diego – Costa shot fly within the restricted area arc. Paris 114th minute equalizer, Ravitch corner, Tiago. More convenient and efficient to buy fifa 15 coins, scan our QR code enter the mobile terminal.

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