Another Durant?Brandon Ingram Will Go To Los Angeles Lakers

Two weeks before his basketball future is determined at the NBA draft, Ingram went through a full workout as part of a multiday introduction to the Lakers, a vaunted franchise rebuilding from its worst season.

Ingram’s biggest question mark, however, involves his skinny frame and whether it can withstand the physical rigors of the NBAIngram’s offensive versatility and skill are intriguing to his potential employers, even if his gangly teenage frame needs work. Ingram gained 25 pounds during his year at Duke, and he plans to keep adding mass.

It’s unlikely Ingram will ever be as athletic and explosive as Kevin Durant.“I heard that a lot. Of course he’s way ahead of me right now,” Ingram said of Durant. “But that’s where I want to be. I want to be somebody where I can make my own name.”