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The Agriculture In Albion Online

In line with our content about the MMO of Sandbox Interactive, today we offer a guide about Albion Online agriculture.

In order to fully understand agriculture in Albion Online, it is essential to bear in mind that this system is composed of two essential elements:


As you can see, animals feed on plants. In the pile you find the mount, your faithful steed that will transport you through the regions of Albion. You will probably have noticed that by buying your companion, you get it very young; Well feeding will allow him to grow and thus better server you.

But the food also serves to feed… the buildings! Yes, to make these production tools work, it is necessary to feed the workers and that is why you will need to bring food to these places. More generally, a territory, a city, an NPC all need to be filled with the stomach. This is partly the reason why the result of agriculture sells a small fortune to the altar of sales.

It is via the fate panel that you can learn recipes and thus transform the products of agriculture into food. Players also benefit from this because depending on what you cooked, they will receive various bonuses for consumption. These are not negligible and are an integral part of the strategy of any guild. Of course, the better your level is, the more interesting the effects are.

Moreover, you will be able to grow your plants which will serve you especially to feed the animals. These will allow you to produce meat to create dishes. You can also decide to play it less “Slaughterhouse” and keep your animals to use it for animal production such as eggs.