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Albion Online: Official Character Builder Arrives

After the launch last week, Albion Online is more lively and flourishing than ever.

Like any MMORPG with a deep character progression system, however, Albion Online may initially disorient the players, also because of the absence of predetermined classes. This is why the developers of Sandbox Interactive help with the launch of a Character Builder on the official website.

group build.fw

With the Character Builder, players can share their favorite combinations of weapons, armor, food, and potions with the community. And players looking for the perfect combination of equipment for future companies can take inspiration from here. In addition, players can also vote for the builds of other adventurers, so popular and promising combinations can be easily identified.

The Character Builder allows you to choose between builds for solo players and group builds, and also allows you to create articles and discussions dedicated to a build rather than to another.

Whether you are beginners or veterans of the game, you still have to try this new Official Character Builder. Be sure to stay tuned for more Albion Online news, tricks, hacks, and cheats.