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Path Of Exile Bestiary Challenge League Preview

The bestiary update for Path of Exile will be released on March 2nd. It introduces hunting and collecting beasts.

With patch 3.2.0, the role-playing game Path of Exile gets the so-called bestiary update. This will allow us to hunt, catch, collect and sacrifice beasts for rare items in the game in the future. In addition, the patch adds new items, endgame content, and more.

The most important part of the update is the Bestiary Challenge League. Here hunter-gatherer Einhar Frey teaches hunting and sacrificing beasts. We can either hold them in the menagerie, a kind of zoo, or sacrifice them in a bloody ritual to get valuable items. The more powerful the recipe, the rarer and harder to defeat is the particular beast.

We can even hunt and capture legendary beasts. Our hunting progress is recorded in the bestiary, which is to classify the wildlife of Wraeclast. Through the Bestiarium Workbench, you can also open a portal into the spirit world to kill the four different ghost beasts. This is rewarded with unique items.

The endgame content is the challenging fight against the Uber Elder. In addition, the ascendancy classes were revised and their performance levels adjusted. Also, three new gems and 30 new fate items were added to the game. In addition, a new quest in Act 10, 29 other unique items, and ten new divination cards will be added along with other changes. Also new supporter packs for the update are available to buy. The patch itself is free.

The update will be released on March 2nd for the PC, and the Xbox version will follow a week later. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on U4GM.COM which would devote to offer amounts of cheap Path of Exile orbs online.