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POE 3.3 Builds Marauder Juggernaut Melee Molten Strike with Latest and Detailed

1. POE 3.3 Builds For Undeniable and Farm All Content material

Welcome to my new Guide. A few of you could know my other guides, the ELE CLAW along with the CHAOS-FIRE Inquisitor or the old school create “Destroy the Atlas-Double Warchief” along time ago. This development is more built towards men and women who crave a very tanky playstyle with up to eight,5k life whilst nonetheless possessing an incredibly solid 1.5-2 Million DPS output. In terms of power level, this make could be the strongest I’ve ever produced or at the least at as superior because of the other people. The name UNDENIABLE Jugg comes from its astounding new keystone that goes by the same name. It greatly synergizes together with the pretty underused weapon “Grelwood Shank“. Wich itself has astounding synergy with all the Molten Strike Skill.

Ideal now it can be pretty a lot capable of defeating ALL Content in the game. This contains the new Uber-Elder along with the Hall of Grandmasters. All content before the 3.2 Patch doesn’t even place up a challenge for this construct (Uber Atziri, typical Shaper etc.). Also, the construct includes a really smooth leveling and gearing curve. Don’t be daunted by my gear. You don’t need anything I have ahead of Uber-Elder.

+ Really Tanky (8-9k HP. 17k Armor. 80Marex. 56% Block)
+ Superior Single Target Damage (~1.7m)
+ Really Fast clearing
+ Lightning Speedy movement/attacks
+ All Content material farmable
+ Eats Uber-Lab and Izaro for Breakfast
+ Wonderful Gear-Curve from Newbie to Endgame
+ Endgame Gear not super-expensive
+ Hardcore-Viable
+ Run Every map mod (even elemental reflect)
+ Run the most intense combinations of mods even on T16

– Requires careful reading of the Guide!
Endgame Amulet nevertheless kinda high priced (5-7ex)
– Rings can be a bit difficult to craft/find/buy

Leveling Guide:
We take Elemental Overload first, it genuinely helps with harm when leveling. From there it’s fairly straightforward. The Final issue we do is fill out the Life wheel as you level greater.

Also, I recommend leveling this construct as Sunder till you get to make use of the Greenwood Shank. Ideal now Sunder can level this way from 1-60 inside four hours if you’re actually good. An ideal demonstration is this Video right here from RaiZQT. Verify out the video for all his good information.

Molten Strike is also quite viable as a leveling ability if you need to roll with that.

The links for this would be: Molten Strike – Ancestral Contact – Faster Attacks(early)/Multristrike(at lvl38) – Elemental Harm with Attacks – Elemental Concentrate – Fire Penetration

Auras: Anger + Herald of Ash (Till Level 31)
Replace Herald of Ash with Blasphemy + Poacher’s Mark

Poachers Mark offers you all the Life/Mana-Leech you may need for leveling. Blasphemy becomes accessible at level 31. In case you have a Thief’s Torment Ring currently, you’ll be able to stick with Herald of Ash. Later, once you have Elder Leech Rings, we use Herald of Ash again

UNDENIABLE > UNSTOPPABLE > UNFLINCHING > UNBREAKABLE – This can be to considerably increase your leveling speed. Rapidly attack for leap-slam and movement speed and so forth.

All are kinda viable, but I highly recommend “Soul of Arakaali” as Key. Jugg doesn’t will need more Phys protection and degen effects would be the only real threat to us. As Minor Pantheon I recommend

UJ vs Uber-Lab

UJ vs Hall of Grandmasters

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2. POE 3.3 Builds For Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut U.Elder down

Nothing at all has changed for the build, so yay. Hurrah for easier accessibility to Uber Elder.
Substantial QoL transform for Molten Strike!
Molten Strike Magma Balls drop twice as rapidly with two Wildfire Jewel!
Intense version (+3 Molten Strike Projectile Helmet Enchant) with 2 Greenwood Shank proc (+4) basically make your Molten Strikes Magma Balls drop immediately!
Despite the fact that the infamous CWDT + Immortal Call + Improved Duration with Unflinching is entertaining to abuse, I propose to go for 7 Endurance Charges with Unrelenting rather for Incursion League. You will discover quite many sources of Chaos Damage in the Temple which can be deadly for us. Getting 28% further Chaos Resist truly enables a good deal.

+ Being a Tank (7 Endurance Charges or 5+ Endurance Charges with CWDT + Immortal Cry + Unflinching)
+ Getting a Rapidly Tank (Attack Speed from Undeniable genuinely shine here, zip-zap everywhere)
+ Inexpensive to begin (Grelwood Shank is inexpensive but well-rolled a single is more high-priced since it gains additional recognition, any 5-link Armour or Tabula Rasa is enough for decent mapping expertise. Much more pricey at start off of league considering that it only drops from Elder Guardian)
+ Can do Uber Lab complete key run reliably when decent geared
+ No weapon swap (Unless you’d like much more quickly Leap Slam with Brightbeak + 3 G Prismatic Eclipse), no gem swap

– Caution: Molten Balls could affect your FPS and drown your GPU.
– Grelwood Shank demand you to face-tank hits to dish out a lot more harm
– Can not do Reflect (With thief torment on + 4-Link Molten strike + Yugul Pantheon, you are able to do reflect map somewhat but nonetheless dangerous. Go for Elementalist/ Raider Scion if you’d like to reflect immune version and say screw you Atziri Mirror Clone)
– Can do No leech Maps (Should you are working with Thief Torment, ignore this)
– For those who searching for high-end DPS destruction or sonic-speed screen clear construct, this build is not for you personally
– Not block/dodge/evasion focused, any harmful 1-shot (in particular elemental harm) will nonetheless possibly 1-shot you if you don’t dodge.
– 6k-ish HP with no block/dodge/evasion mechanic. Nevertheless, have to beware “extra harm as elemental” map mod and “- % maximum resistance” map.

Leveling Guide:
-Not recommended for Life Leech version. Some grandmasters could not be life leeched as they’ve bloodless (bottom left notable life node, the enemy cannot leech you) which make sustaining just about not possible. Try to work with life get on hit help or Thief Torment for sustain alternatively.

-Brass Dome is suggested and is a lot more vital than any life Armour for melee character in HoGM. Some grandmasters (in particular Ranged) heavily invest in crit multiplier though also getting higher base harm to go with it. Nullifying added crit damage = nullify certainly one of the greatest walls for the melee character to clear HoGM. I advise Brass Dome even with CWDT Immortal Get in touch with setup, Elemental Crit is no joke.

-Get Block Chance and Dodge Reduction support. 100% critical against max block grandmaster. Some grandmasters may possibly even be unkillable with block possibility reduction :/ (Considering that Molten Strike hits a lot of instances that proc their Angie Aurora impact) OH GOD GUBEN. Yet another method to counter CWDT Max Block master should be to get Balefire off-hand and burn them with Scorching Ray, good and straightforward.

-Get Amethyst Flask with Improved Duration/effect to up your chaos resistance. Having adverse or low chaos resists although going against any grandmasters that concentrate heavily with heavy chaos damage generally finish up with duo KO.

-Immune/Remove curse flask on utility flask (like Amethyst Flask) is optional but is quite useful since notable grandmasters can tri-curse. (Thief Torment halves curse impact but nonetheless dangerous).

-Immune/Remove Bleed and Shock having said that is vital in HoGM. Topaz flask with immune shock functions wonders against lightning harm grandmaster matchup. Immune/Remove bleed may be from either life flask/utility base flask or Death’s Door boot depending on your preference to counter puncture Grandmaster.

-Need far more practical experience on Ignite grandmaster considering that never die from heavy ignite damage. Life Flask that eliminates burning would suffice.

-Go slow. Be safe than sorry. Prevent fighting the entire grandmaster group even though you onto the subsequent wave.
Recommended tactic: Zip (Whirling Blade) into next wave, attack ground with Molten Strike then Zap away. Try to lure Grandmaster to 1v1 battle.
It is possible to normally retreat to regen as much as complete HP if you out of life flask charges. Refill / modify flasks or equipment with portal if required.

-Beware summoner grandmasters. Some minions HIT Challenging although some summoners take Minion Instability just to tick you off.

The significant change to Juggernaut Ascendency.
Now with more added tackiness!
The sequence now should be
1 / 2: Unflinching or Unbreakable
3: Undeniable (Newest getting Merciless Lab before you proceed to map)
4: Unrelenting

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