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Breaking up your FIFA 20 sessions and our Loss rule

Talked about earlier in the guide, this point is to reinforce the point. It’s crucial to your success to take regular breaks. U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Teams cover this section in huge detail with professional research into attention span times and the effect that this has on reaction times etc, in our Gameplay Guide which can be bought alongside this guide. Make sure to check that out.

No more than 2 losses on the trot
Pretty self-explanatory, really. If you lose 2 games on the trot step away from the game for at least 30 minutes. Go on a walk, have a nap, make a drink, sit in the garden. Whatever it is and however strong the temptation to try and end on a defeat…DON’T!
It will only end badly and more than likely, lead to more losses than 2 and your chances of getting the best rewards will quickly vanish.

TIPS: Of course, if you’re in form and winning games or you get 2 or 3 rage quits in those 4-5 games then push it a bit further and keep playing. Whilst you’re winning games, play games.

Top 10 rules for playing and succeeding in fut champions
1) Consider which times of the weekend works best for you (use our guide if you need a starting point) and try to play your games during that time;
2) Be adaptable and be willing to change up your style during the game;
3) Don’t play beyond 2 losses on the trot without taking a break;
4) Make sure that, where possible, your players have 99 fitness on all your players;
5) Play cautiously to avoid conceding an early goal;
6) Look for weaknesses in your opponent’s team and try to exploit them, especially important when you’re playing a team that is stronger than yours;
7) When you’re IF, play games;
8) When you find players that work for your style and formation, then keep them in your team and don’t change this up too much;
9) Play with little distractions around you to ensure you stay fully concentrated throughout all your games;
10) Remember to look at players’ stats before you buy them and be sure to remember what their stamina is like as this is one of the top 5 key stats to success.