Growtopia Locks, which purchased the game, launched in April

Now, however, heading to that extremely URL returns what we like to describe as a ‘Wario Whoops’ page, or Nintendo’s standard error page if you’re the dull kind. If you do not think it existed, a fast Google of ‘Growtopia Switch over’ brings it up consequently.

Eznpc has announced that Cheap Growtopia Locks will be launched in April. If you can’t wait until then, the company also revealed that the application for the second closed Beta test, which will run from February 18 to 22, has now begun—been accepted.

Growtopia is a “buy-and-play” game with no subsequent subscription fees, although vanity and convenience items can be purchased through the in-game store after the game is released. It provides both PvP and story-driven PvE combat, and promises to be “the most in-depth character customization in any game on the market.” In fact, independent character creators can download it for free, and characters created using it can be imported in the second Beta and the full game.

Growtopia Locks is currently available for pre-purchase at $ 3, $ 5 and $ 10, the latter two guarantee the use of the second closed beta. The second half of Daum’s “Beauty and the Beast” character creation contest (that is, the “Beast” part) is also in progress. It has an internal test function and pearls (currency in the game), and some physical items are available for snapping. Find more information on

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