Several ways to buy Growtopia World Locks

Growtopia is a cost-free to play sandbox MMO video game from Ubisoft where gamers can meet, produce psychedelic worlds with friends, and fill them with anything their imaginative minds can dream up.

Eznpc allows gamers to purchase Growtopia World Locks through its website or client. If you want to use the client, you can do so, and you can get some community features. But this does not force you.

Desura has nothing to do with DRM, which means that the service itself does not have any specific restrictions or requirements. Developers can include DRM as needed, but most people see it as a DRM-free alternative to Steam.

You can also participate in Alpha fundraising, which is equivalent to Kickstarter. You pay for the game under development and get the Alpha version and future updates. This is great for gamers who like to play ambitious indie games before becoming old news.

If you do n’t mind waiting for the full version or playing the Alpha version immediately, Kickstarter is not the right place to find free DRM games. The service lists a variety of independent projects, and almost all projects promise to issue DRM for free.

You may have heard of the most successful Kickstarters, such as Double Fine’s adventure games and Wasteland2. But many other cool projects still require funding, such as The Other Brothers and Shadow Remnants.

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