NBA 2K21 Defense Tips

Today, we’ll cover the best defensive tips you must know to succeed on defense in NBA 2K21 to prevent your opponents from scoring.

NBA 2K21 Defense Tips

1. Beef up your defensive stats.

If you’re a guard or wing, max out the perimeter defense, lateral quickness, and steal. If you’re big, max out rebounding, interior defense, block, and lateral quickness.

2. Pick the right badges.

Picking the right badges is instrumental for playing better defense, as they are meant to help your manual defensive inputs.

3. Learn the passing lanes.

The passing lanes are where your opponent passes the ball. When playing off-ball defense, you want to close off the areas where your opponent may pass the ball so you can get easy steals.

4. On-ball defense.

The key to on-ball defense is predicting your opponents’ moves. You won’t always guess correctly, but you’ll get better over time, start getting bumpy on the ball handler, and get the stops you need on the defensive end.

5. Rebounding for Big Men.

You’ll need the Rebound Chaser and Box badge, and the most important tips to rebounding are to box out your opponent, guess where the ball will land, and correctly time your jump for the board.

6. Know your Opponent.

In the defense, analyzing your opponent’s thoughts could be critical and could come up with a seen area at the opponent. Use faux passes and pump fakes to throw your opponent off course, in addition to preserve them off guard. Read their gambling fashion and expect their subsequent movements and counter them.

7. Use ‘Publish Up’ and Extreme Defending.

Whenever you’re off the ball on an offensive break, urgent L2/LT allows you to show you’re again to a defender and publish up. This lets you get hold of the ball with a low risk of a turnover. Once in ownership, urgent, this button additionally continues yours again in your defender.

L2/LT additionally works wonders in defense because it allows you to defend with extra intensity, letting you stick carefully to each ball service, and the participant you’re marking with brought pressure.

8. Stand on your floor.

If you’re confronted with a person who could make extremely good performs closer to the hoop, status your floor and forcing a price could make the distinction withinside the clutch.

By keeping Circle/B, you plant your ft and stand your floor, which means if the competition is going for walks tough for a layup or dunk and that they knock you over, they probably make an offensive foul, and ownership is given again to you.

9. Square up and strafe for better defense.

The L2 button will be your best friend on defense. Hold L2 and watch as your player gets low and squares his shoulder to the ball carrier. You’ll find it easier to control your man as you look to try and match the movements of the ball carrier, and you can even use the right analog stick to put your hands in the way of a shot or into a passing lane to attempt a block, steal, or contested shot.

10. Get back on the fast break.

Speaking of fast breaks, don’t lollygag on the turn of possession. If your teammate misses a shot and you can’t get the rebound, start running down to the other end of the court. And when you make the shot, don’t sit around celebrating when the point guard is about to take the ball right back in the other direction.

11. Box out on rebounds and free-throws.

And speaking of rebounds, make it easier on yourself. The defense will be in a better position to rebound the ball more often than not. When you are, hold L2 to box your guy out and either pave the way for your players to grab it or go and get it yourself (especially if you’re the center).

12. Don’t leave your man open.

NBA 2K21 has visual aides turned on for most difficulty levels. On defense, you’ll see a blue arrow directing you toward the man you’re supposed to pick up. It’s essential to pay attention to this indicator when you’re playing zone defense, as the man you’re supposed to be guarding changes constantly.

13. Go for well-timed steals.

Forcing turnovers is an important part of basketball. The classic steal is one of the most exciting defensive plays because of it. Just press Square to put your hand out and go for the ball. Even just one or two stolen possessions can be the difference between winning and losing the game.

14. Quickly Switch To the Last Defender.

It is to switch to your last line of defense before your opponent goes for a shot. Otherwise, they are highly likely to foul.

You can switch defenders by pressing X (PS4) or A(XB1) on your controller. You can even press R1/L1(PS4) or RB/LB(XB1), which is a button combination dedicated to switching to the closest guy to the rim.

15. Defensive Communication.

There is a lot of value in turning this feature on for “Defense Only.” When defensive communication is on, a little indicator will appear above your head, assisting you in many things on the defensive side of the ball, from improving your communication with your computer teammates on fast breaks to giving you a heads up when screens are coming.

16. Manual Switch Mechanic.

Aided by having defensive communications on is utilizing the Manual Switch Mechanic. You can coordinate with your computer defenders on a fast break to create a better path for defending long passes by switching assignments. Or if you beat on defense or have a mismatch, holding A(XB1) and X(PS4) tells your nearest defender to switch with you to limit the damage.

These are all the defense tips we have to offer, and I hope you find them useful. Also, click here for more NBA 2K21 tips such as dribbling, shooting, and how to buy NBA 2k21 mt, and other tips.