NBA 2K21: How to Find Hot Zones, and How Does It Work?

These are zones that the player performs better in and provide an added advantage to the player’s shooting stats, and it’s one of the most powerful features that you will want to unlock early on in your NBA 2K21 career. Here, we will show you how to find your hot zones and explain how hot zones work.

How to Find Your Hot Zones?

Hot Zones

Here are the ways players can find their hot zones in NBA 2K21:

One method you can use to check hot zones is by practicing with a player. First, head over to 2KU by selecting Play Now, and from there, choose Freestyle. Here, you will be able to not only play around with the new controls and check a specific player’s hot zones when in practice mode. Keep in mind that hot zones will be indicated with red, while cold zones, where a player struggles the most with shooting, will be blue.

A second method is to go directly to a player’s bio. Go over to the Roster tab, and select that individual’s player card. You will have to scroll over to the Hot Zones section of the card using LT/RT (for Xbox) or L2/R2 (for PlayStation).

Lastly, you could also check a player’s hot zones in MyTeam. Then, when you’re scrolling through your active lineup, click on a player and then scroll over the card’s attributes using the trigger buttons until you find the Shot Charts section.

How Do Hot Zones Work?

As you start to obtain more and more hot spots on the basketball court, your shooting from those particular areas on the court will become much more accurate. This means that even if you don’t get the perfect green every time, by shooting from a ‘hot zone’ that you have unlocked, the likelihood of scoring the ball in the basket increases quite significantly.

While we cannot be sure about the exact maths and probability, if you have played 2K games before, you would know that shooting from ‘hot spots’ will make your overall play much easier and more enjoyable.

Note: When grinding out games for hot spots, we recommend that you set each quarter to 5 minutes rather than the full length of 12. This is quite simply going to make the process a lot quicker for you. But, if you are trying to enjoy the game to its fullest, and are trying to get the ‘hot spots’ the proper way, then sticking to full-length matches is an option that you can go for.

In NBA 2K21, you need to do is not only find your hot zones but also need to improve them as soon as possible. In addition, you can buy 2k mt through us, and we use fast, safe delivery methods to make sure your purchase is safe and smooth.