What Has Changed In NBA 2K23 MyTeam?

Now that we’ve been in NBA 2K23 for a while, we now have some knowledge of the game. The latest NBA game has brought a lot of changes to the most popular MyTeam mode. Below we will list the changes to MyTeam mode in NBA 2K23.

Players build their legendary teams in MyTeam mode. This team can be made up of players from any era. In this game, we can get player cards by completing challenges or opening packs, and of course, you can also buy them directly using MT NBA 2K23.

Changes in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

ContractsContracts have been removed in NBA 2K23. Now, your permanent player cards can be used in MyTeam without filling out their contracts. Without contracts, you can start your single-player game again because you no longer need to worry about contracts.
Triple Threat Online Co-OpEssentially, this is a game mode that allows players to compete with their friends. The developers also said that the game mode will be further enhanced with different modes such as team mode, co-op mode, and competition mode.
Player LockIn NBA 2K23, players have the option to lock anyone in their lineup. This feature is now also available in any My Team game mode and lasts for the entire My Team match. In addition, the Player Lock feature is especially effective for managing specific players or strengthening specific players during a game, or if you just like a certain position and want to play there all the time.
Redesigned UnlimitedIn NBA 2K23, Unlimited mode has been redesigned and they are now introducing new prestige tiers and leaderboards. The prestige tier revolves around season points, which are earned in each game, but the amount varies depending on different factors. In addition, Unlimited now has a leaderboard through which you can track your ranking in the game, with a special icon reserved for the top 10.
Clutch TimeIn NBA 2K22, “Clutch Time” was originally introduced as a single-player arcade mode in which the 4-point line was placed at the better key moments of the game. The game mode was a huge hit with the 2K22 community, which is the main reason why the developers made it an official release feature of the new NBA 2K23.
Trophy Case AwardsIn the new NBA 2K23 MyTeam, you can earn multiple awards in multiple ways, and one of the new additions is the Trophy Case Awards. in this section, each NBA team will offer 15 event cards that will showcase some of the key moments in the team’s history.