Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes Explained

Promo Codes unlock free one-time rewards for your Raid Shadow Legends Accounts. There are currently four types of promo codes released in the new game:

  • New Player Codes: This can be used when you start an account and usually up to a specific level or # of days played.
  • Time-Limited Codes: This can be used within a start and end date and after which the code no longer works.
  • Link Codes: This can only be used by navigating to a specific URL and opening a raid from the subsequent page, often containing a different Free Champion and mostly only used for new accounts.
  • Call of the Arbiter Promo Codes: Limited time codes that will be released for each Episode of Call of the Arbiter, hidden in code or cipher in each weekly episode.

Codes are one-time use, meaning you can only claim the rewards once on a single account. Another important note is that you can only use 1 code per day.

To use a Raid Shadow Legends Promo Code, whether it be a New Player or Time-Limited Code, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to Raid Shadow Legends.
  • Click on the Menu on the Left-hand side of the screen
  • Click on Promo Codes
  • Enter the promo code and click confirm

Your free rewards then go into your mailbox (top right of the screen as a chest icon). Items in the mailbox do expire, so you should claim these before they do (often seven days).

Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes

To use a Link Code, you will need to take a few extra steps:

  • Navigate to the URL on the device you play Raid.
  • This will open a page to download Raid Shadow Legends, but with this installed, you should simply need to Open the App.
  • You will need to play to reach Level 15 in the game, after which a popup should display on your screen with your rewards.
  • Similar to the other two code types, this will put your rewards into the mailbox.

Most Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes will have an expiry date, so be sure not to miss out on these free rewards!

Promo Codes List

New Player Promo Codes

Active CodesRewards
LADYQUNLady Quilen, Silver (iOS and Android)
LUCKYRAIDChonoru, 300,000 Silver, Chicken (To Be Confirmed)
POWERSTARTERTallia, Energy, Silver
MORDECAIMordecai (Android Only)
SUPERPOWERSDeacon Armstrong, 1 Epic Book, 200k Silver, 24 Magic XP Brews
MONKEYKINGSun Wukong, 15x Spirit XP Brews, 300,000 Silver, 15x Greater Spirit Potions
Inactive CodesRewards
MyDeliana50 Brews, 375k Silver
PCRAID20223 Day XP Boost, 500 Energy, 1 Clan Boss Key, 1 Arena Tokens Refill
QUEENDELIANA50 Brews, 375k Silver
KRISKMAS21Energy Refills, XP, and other rewards
RAIDXMAS21Energy Refills, XP, and other rewards
TGA2021Energy Refills, XP, and other rewards (Promotion for The Game Awards Event)
ESLPROPotions and Books (Promotion for ESL CSGO League)
GOODKNIGHT50 Force XP Brews, 15 Superior Force Potions, 10 Superior Arcane Potions, 5 Greater Arcane Potions, 500k Silver (Promotion for Ultimate Deathknight)
READY4RAID4 x Rare Skill Tome, 4 x 3 Star Chickens, 40 Random XP Brews, 1 Million Silver, 200 Autobattles
VALENTINES23Banshee, 1 Rare Skill Tome, 200k Silver, 10x Magic XP Brews
GETUDKUltimate Deathknight, 20 Force XP Brews, 20 Greater Force Potion (iOS and Android)
GETDELIANA23Deliana, 15 superior Force pots, 15 Force Brews, 30k Silver

Time-Limited Promo Codes

Active CodesRewards
ILOVERAID1 Preserver, 1 day EXP boost, 5 Brews, 100k Silver
MID12GAME20 Brews, 50 Multi-battles, 300k Silver
Sintranos2023Giscard the Sigiled, 4x Rank 6 Guardian Artifacts
Midgame24subscribe10x Magic XP Brews, 1x Rare Skill Tome, 1x Energy Refill, 200,000 Silver
Inactive CodesRewards
13yearsplarium150 Multi Battles, 100 Energy, 30 Brews, 3 Days XP Boost
TGASALEEnergy Refills, XP, and other rewards (Promotion for The Game Awards Event)
S1mple350k Silver, 4 Energy Refills, 3-Day XP Boost, XP Brews (Promotion for S1mple Chase Event)
realhell500 Energy, 1 million silver, 2 Epic books, 3x 50 Multi-battle tokens (Promotion for Hydra Clan Boss Release)
SPOOKY13Energy Refills, EXP (Promotion for Halloween)
gift1Energy Refills, Clan Boss Key, Arena Tokens
NINJA500k Silver, 6 Energy Refills, 3x 50 Multi-battle tokens, 3 day XP boost (Promotion for Ninja Chase Event)
PLARIUMPLAY5 Energy Refills, 50 Multi-Battle tokens, 500k Silver, 1 Ancient shard, 1 day XP Boost
RAIDSUMMERGIFT100 Multi Battles, 500 Energy, 200k Silver, 3 Days XP Boost
DREAMTEAM50 Multi Battles, 100 Energy, 100k Silver, 3 Days XP Boost
DKSkeletonCrew1x Common Deathknight, 3x 3* Chickens, 2x 2* Chickens, 40x Magic XP Brews, 300,000 Silver (Promotion for Ultimate Deathknight)
DKRISES50 Force XP Brews, 15 Superior Force Potions, 10 Superior Arcane Potions, 5 Greater Arcane Potions, 500k Silver (Promotion for Ultimate Deathknight)
Lookbehindyou100x Auto Battles, 3 days EXP Boost, 3x Energy Refills, 250,000 Silver
SKELETONCREWFOREVER50 Multi Battles, 3 Energy Refills, 20 Arena refills, 1 day EXP Boost
RAIDRONDA500k Silver, 150 Multi-Battle Attempts, 5x Energy Refills, +100% XP Boost
MIDGAME23WIN200k Silver, 100 Multi-battle Attempts, 2x Energy Refills
BESTHERO1 Energy Refill, 1 Day XP boost, 20 Autobattles, 100k Silver
PAYPALRAID2023Sanctum Protector, 5 Spirit Brews, 100k Silver, 1 day XP Boost, 1 Energy Refill
Demolish1x Energy Refill, 300k Silver, 1 Day XP Boost, 50x Multi Battle Attempts
GAMEGEEKSSPRING1 Energy Refill, 200k Silver, 1 Greater Spirit Potion, 1 Greater Arcane Potion, 1 Greater Void Potion, 1 Greater Force Potion
DragonEgg1x Energy Refill, 1ook Silver, 50x Multi Battle Attempts
subscribemidgame2x 50 Multi Battles, 3x Rank 3 Chicken, 1x Rare Skill Tome, 3 Days XP Boost, 2x Energy Refills, 200K Silver
UDKBDAY25x Force Brews, 1x Rank 5 Chicken

Link Codes

Link codes are used when creating new RSL accounts:

Free Executioner
Free Adjudicator
Free Lightsworn + 100k Silver
Free Executioner + 3 Ancient Shards
Free Executioner + 50 Gems
Free Bulwark + 1 Ancient Shard, 3 energy refills, 50 Gems
Free Bulwark + 3 Ancient Shards, 3 energy refills, 50 Gems
3 Ancient Shards, 500k Silver, 250 Energy
1 Void Shard, 1 Million Silver, 500 Energy
1 Epic Book, 1 Void Shard, 700k Silver, 1000 Energy
3 Star Chicken, 4 Magic XP Brews, 32k Silver
2x 4 Star Epic Divine Life Artifacts (Chest and Boots)
Free Jotun, 3 Ancient Shards, 50 Gems
Free Juliana, 3 Ancients, 50 Gems
Free Chonoru, 1 Ancient Shard
5 Greater Magic Potions, 500k Silver, 10 Magic XP Brews
Free Aina, 1 Ancient Shard
Free Vergis, 1 Ancient Shard
Free Tayrel, 1 Ancient Shard
Free Rector Drath, 1 Ancient Shard
Free Kellan the Shrike, 4 Energy Refills, 4 Magic Potions, 4 Magic Brews