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Diablo 4 Pure Summoner Guide: Optimize Necromancer Builds

Diablo 4’s dynamic gameplay offers players numerous ways to build their characters, and the Pure Summoner Necromancer stands out as a unique choice. Based on extensive gameplay from level 1 to 100, this guide delves into the nuances of optimizing a Pure Summoner Necromancer build, addressing key aspects like passive skills, paragon nodes, glyphs, and more.

Diablo 4 Pure Summoner Guide: Optimize Necromancer Builds

Understanding the Key Passive

The key passive skill is a crucial aspect of the Pure Summoner Necromancer build. It requires minions to avoid damage for 2 seconds to gain a 30% attack speed boost. A proposed modification suggests changing the requirement to maintain good health for 2 seconds. This would align the skill with other key passives in the game and improve its usability.

The Challenge of Paragon Board Distribution

Focusing solely on minion buffs in the Paragon Board can leave the necromancer vulnerable, as there are no defensive buffs for the player. This imbalance necessitates a strategic approach to resource allocation between minion enhancements and the necromancer’s defense.

Aspect Combination and Survival

Merging the +2 Warrior/Mage Aspect into a single aspect can significantly enhance the necromancer’s survivability. This change would create an additional slot, allowing for a more balanced distribution of paragon nodes and glyphs between minions and the necromancer’s defense.

Army of The Dead Ultimate

The Army of The Dead Ultimate works best with the attack speed aspect. Suggestions for improvement include reducing its cooldown and granting minions Unstoppable status during its activation, enhancing its effectiveness and feel in combat.

Introducing a New Golem Aspect

Incorporating a new golem aspect and enhancing its active ability could make it more appealing in minion builds, encouraging its use in diverse strategies.

Minion Respawn Mechanic

Implementing a mechanic where minions respawn upon the necromancer’s death, especially in boss fights, could add an intriguing dynamic to gameplay, enhancing the build’s resilience and appeal.

Iron Maiden and Passive Skill Improvements

Enhancing Iron Maiden with strategic minion buffs and introducing passive skills beyond basic enhancements like damage, attack speed, and life stats can significantly elevate the build’s depth and viability in Diablo 4. Exploring the vast array of Diablo 4 items for sale, players can uncover unique gear synergies that amplify the effectiveness of Iron Maiden, adding an extra layer of customization and power to the Pure Summoner Necromancer build.

Commanding Minion Attacks

Facilitating direct command over minion attacks would address current frustrations, especially in boss battles where minions often target lesser enemies instead of the main adversary.

Distribution of Damage

Introducing an aspect that allows the necromancer’s received damage to be distributed among minions, coupled with healing from skeleton priests, could offer a novel approach to balancing offense and defense.

Enhancing Army of the Dead

Upgrading the Army of the Dead with aspects enabling minions to cast the active ability of the golem could make this ultimate more impactful and versatile.

Player Experiences and Feedback

Comparisons between pure minion builds and other necromancer strategies highlight a significant gap in damage and defense. Players suggest that some aspects of the game, including skill variety and passive nodes, feel underdeveloped.


Optimizing the Pure Summoner Necromancer in Diablo 4 requires a careful balance of offensive and defensive strategies. Enhancing aspects, revising passive skills, and introducing new mechanics could significantly improve the build’s effectiveness and enjoyment. As the game evolves, these suggestions are hoped to guide future updates and balance changes.