Monopoly GO

The Ultimate Guide to Monopoly GO Stickers

Monopoly GO stickers are digital collectibles within the Monopoly GO app, adding a splash of personality and fun to the game. Think of them as digital badges or emojis that players can collect, share, and showcase within the app. In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know about stickers.

What Are Monopoly GO Stickers?

Monopoly GO stickers symbolize your achievements and milestones within the game, making your journey through Monopoly GO more colorful and rewarding. Each themed album in the game comprises nine unique stickers, which players aim to collect. There are three main types of stickers, each with its own rules for collection and trade:

  • Common Stickers: The most frequently encountered, these stickers can be freely traded among players and come in rarities from one to five stars, with five-star stickers being the rarest.
  • Golden Stickers: More rare than common stickers, golden stickers cannot be traded except during special events known as “Golden Blitz.” These stickers also range from four to five stars in rarity.
  • Wild Stickers: Offering a unique advantage by allowing players to complete any missing sticker from their album, making them highly valuable.

How to Use Monopoly GO Stickers?

Stickers in Monopoly GO are key to unlocking rewards and enhancing gameplay. Here’s how they work:

  • Unlocking Album Rewards: Collecting a set of nine unique stickers unlocks rewards like dice, cash, and during events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, special tokens and shields. These rewards are crucial for advancing in the game.
  • Sticker Stars Rewards: Stickers come with star values that can be traded for rewards. Players should aim to exchange stars for higher rarity sticker packs, maximizing the value of their collection.
  • Trading: Trading duplicate stickers with others is a common practice to complete album sets or exchange for stars, accessing the “Stickers for Rewards” vault. This fosters community engagement and collaboration among players.

How to Get Monopoly GO Stickers?

Acquiring stickers in Monopoly GO can be achieved through various methods:

  • Join Facebook Groups or Discord Servers
  • Trade Extra Stickers with Friends
  • Finish Quick Wins
  • Get Stickers Just for Logging in Daily
  • Complete Color Sets on the Board
  • Achieve Board Completion
  • Finish Top in Events for Milestones
  • Complete Tournament Milestones
  • Win Partner Events for Sticker Packs
  • Complete Fun Mini-Games
  • Receive Free Shop Gifts Every 8 Hours
  • Open Chests to Win the Final Sticker Pack
  • Trade Sticker Stars for Sticker Packs
  • Purchase Sticker Packs from the Monopoly GO Store

There are two main ways to purchase Monopoly GO stickers: Players can buy sticker packs directly within the Monopoly GO app, which offers a variety of sticker packs, including rare ones, providing a quick way to expand your collection.

Stickers can also be purchased from online websites. While the game itself offers Monopoly Go sticker for sale, third-party sites like U4gm are known for selling stickers at competitive prices. However, it’s crucial to ensure the delivery time is just a few minutes and the purchase process is 100% safe to avoid scams. Buying stickers on U4gm can significantly boost your collection, especially if you’re looking to complete a specific set or obtain missing stickers quickly.