Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO: How to Play Tycoon Racers

Tycoon Racers is the new partner-style event set to arrive on Monopoly Go. In this guide, we will show you how to play this event. By the way, if you want to know more info about Monopoly GO, please feel free to visit U4gm. This is also the best place to buy Monopoly Go stickers – enjoy 5% discounts with code “Mods” while being 100% legal!

Basically, you need to team up with three other players, collect flags, and compete against three other teams with the aim to get the most points and win the race. The event is split into four stages as follows:

Team-up Stage

In this initial stage, you have a period of time to get into a team. Unlike other partner events, you can leave a team if you are not happy before the start of the race and you can then try to join another or you will be assigned to a team before the race starts. Also, if your team has empty slots you’ll be assigned random players to fill any empty slots.

Matchmaking Stage

At this point, you just have to wait for the matchmaking process to complete. In principle, your team will be matched up with other teams of more or less a similar skill level. The game will consider everyone’s net worth in the game and will match based on that to try to make it as fair as possible.

Race Stage

24 hours after the start of the event, you’ll reach the race stage. For the remainder of the tournament, there is a new race every day. You’ll need to use the flags that you’ve been collecting to help your team to victory and win rewards and medals. It’s at this point you can start to use the flags you’ve collected so far, you’ll still be able to collect more flags.

  • Collect flags on the board – Just roll your dice and if you land on the flags you’ll win some.
  • Banner events and tournaments – Running alongside Tycoon Racers will be a banner event and tournament.
  • Race completion rewards – Sometimes you’ll be able to select more flags as a reward for completing race laps.
  • Free flag links – It is always a possibility that free flag links will drop.

To get started in the race stage, hit the event icon, then choose your multiplier and start rolling for event points. The points you get will drive your car around the course. Complete laps and the race as a team to win rewards which could include; sticker packs, dice, flags, flash boosts, or money. You’ll also get medals depending on your team’s classification at the end of each race. Medals go towards your medal points total at the end of the event to decid which team gets which final reward.

Championship Stage

After all of the races have been completed, the team with the most medals at the end wins a grand prize, including a wild sticker, a Tycoon Racer token, and 3,500 rolls.

This is all we know right now about how to play Tycoon Racers. Best of luck.