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How to beat the Scorch in Fallout 76: A detailed guide

In Fallout 76, Scorchmen are fairly common enemies, and hunting them is a necessary step for players to complete missions and seasonal challenges. Here are the main locations where Scorchmen appear, to help you quickly complete mission objectives.

beat the Scorch

Main Scorchmen Appearance Locations

  • Morgantown Airport Terminal Interior (Forest): About 26
  • Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 (Forest): About 25
  • Thunder Mountain Power Plant (Quarry): About 22
  • Camden Park (Ash Pile): About 21
  • AVR Medical Center Interior (Forest): About 21
  • Wavy Willard Water Park (Poison Valley): About 20
  • Valley Galleria Interior (Quarry): About 20
  • Top of the World (Savage Divide): About 19
  • Helvetia (Forest): About 16
  • Happy Valley Ski Resort/Happy Valley Lodge (Savage Divide): Approximately 15

Other locations with high scorch spawns include the Taylor County Fairgrounds, Bolton Greens, Gregg’s Mine Supply, Morgantown Airport, Morgantown Train Station, Charleston Congress Courthouse Interior, Mosstown, Sutton, Ranger District Office/Ranger Lookout, Warp Palace, Rift Site Prime, Summersville Dam, Entrepreneurship Camp, AVR Medical Center Exterior, Poseidon Substation PX-01, Fort Defiance, Valley Galleria Exterior, White Powder Winter Sports, and Charleston Congress Courthouse Exterior.

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Active Rift Sites

You’ll also likely encounter scorch spawns at all active rift sites, so be vigilant.

Scorched in Public Events

You can also encounter Scorched during certain public events, which are marked on the map by a yellow hexagon with an exclamation mark, including:

  • Guests
  • Line in the Sand
  • Grafton Day
  • Protest March
  • Scorched Earth
  • Distant Thunder
  • Ground to Air
  • Stay Alert
  • Collision Course
  • It’s a Trap
  • Robot Parade
  • Lost Connection
  • Real Explosion
  • Census Violence
  • Tribal Events
  • Defend the Workshop
  • Retake Workshop

With the above information, you can more effectively find and hunt Scorched to complete the various missions and challenges in Fallout 76.