Guild Wars 2

GW2 each team has a guild lord housed

It’s an effective tactic to attack the opposing team’s base even if you have no intention of entering or killing the guild lord.  If you are a profession that can cloak or quickly run away, attacking the base will allow you to peel a member of the enemy team away from what they were doing, to make sure their base is secure. Attacking the base door until someone appears will aid your other team mates, knowing that one of the opposing team is now occupied.  If you are confident in 1 on 1 situations, killing the scout will also set the opposing team back, allow you to finish destroying the gate and then move back to the capture points.

For the most part, Foefire is a wide open and expansive map that provides great opportunities for ranged, vertical play.  Unlike Battle of Khylo which is confined or Forest of Niflhel which only has several wide open spaces, this map can be difficult for professions that only take melee weapons.

Talk to your team before the match starts and let them know what you plan on doing and let them know through the course of the match if it changes.  Don’t be afraid to call tactics and ask for someone to help you at a control point or attacking your base.  Lack of communication will see your team struggle against those that are more organised, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

Sanctum at the centre of the map is arguably the most important point as it allows you to easily reach the other two with very little travel time. The height advantage surrounding Sanctum also makes defending the central point difficult if you don’t equip a ranged weapon. From experience, if you control Sanctum you control the map.

As briefly mentioned above, each team has a guild lord housed within their base. For the enemy to reach your lord, they need to destroy your bases gate which cannot be repaired once breached. Your lord is also surrounded by a total of 4 guards; two casters and two soldiers.  For the most part, the guards are incredibly weak and can easily be soloed if you pull them on at a time. However, because you are fighting in the opposing team’s base it’s highly likely you’ll quickly encounter resistance.  It should also be noted that the moment you begin attacking the enemy base, they receive a warning message stating “Your base is under attack!”.