Guild Wars 2

GW2 have three capture points

The three capture points are Windmill to the north of the map, Clocktower in the centre and Mansion to the south.  The Blue team respawn in the northeast of the map and the Red team the southwest corners, with each team having to work their way out of their base to reach the capture points.

Unlike Foefire or Forest of Niflhel, Khylo is a confined, scrappy affair.  Littered with boxes and crates as well as tight paths and routes, melee users can excel here.  Although there are some areas where you can take real advantage of ranged opportunities, such as on the gantry around the Clocktower, wide open spaces are few and far between.

In this section we’ve provided a list of what you should and shouldn’t do during the course of a Khylo match.  There is some overlap from our Foefire guide and our original Do’s and Dont’s, but we consider that certain principals apply across all structured PvP maps. This list is not exhaustive and if you have any suggestions of your own, do share them by leaving a comment below.

As briefly mentioned above, each team has a trebuchet just nearby to their base. The trebuchets are both on raised platforms for maximum height and spotting opportunities and can only be reached using the single ramp up to them.  Interacting with the trebuchet will see your skills replaced with turn left, fire and turn right.  Holding down the fire button (skill 2) will charge the trebuchet shot.  The longer you hold the skill down (similar to channelling) the further your trebuchet will fire.