Guild Wars 2

Got added to the Guild Wars 2 support page

Well, understanding over the Wintersday, let’s look back the Lost Coast and Halloween. Lost Coast cause a unprecedented change to Tyria continent of Tyria.The new map – The Temple of the Silent Storm,a bate PVP map, brings PVP Championship tickets and honor as bonus, and it also adds to a new function to score, and therefore, PVP players are able to know their strength.

Great achiecements has been made by ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2 bots. Since the game’s launch, they have taken big steps: As of now, only about 20 bots an hour are reported, in comparison with over 2,000 an hour just a couple of months ago. ArenaNet has been working on automating the process of identifying and terminating bot accounts, as security coordinator Mike Lewis explains in a new blog post. There’s now a pretty high likelihood of stepping into Lion’s Arch without getting immediately spammed by five gold sellers.

More importantly, ArenaNet has started offering support for folks whose accounts have been compromised. Account restoration recently got added to the Guild Wars 2 support page, which is something that’s been much in demand.

As Wintersday closely related to us, let’s get to know it at first.The first time I hear the name of Wintersday, I thought it may be present us a series of stories happened in the cold winter season. The theme of the wintersday is full of joy. This activity will bring us many cute toys.There is a very important figure, whose name is Tixx. He will take his spaceship to Tyria on Dec.15, and start his Tyria journry from Tyria Grove.

New repetition – Fragments of the Mist, which unlike the original repetition of the underground city, much more difficulty. There is no transfer point, and no place to repair equipment. As the difficulty increases, the rewards will be more generous. In addition, the new species – karka, and Ascended Armors also belong to this event.