Guild Wars 2

As crazy fans of Guild Wars 2

As crazy fans of Guild Wars 2, none of them are willing to miss any outstanding scene. Actually, ArenaNet has taken this concern into account, and the one-time event of Lost Shore will last for two days. No matter which time zone players stand, they can take adventure in this event at least one day. Addition to this, last one-time event about the Mad King has last until Nov. 5, 2012, several days after the original expire date, because there maybe a part of players miss the content for the hurricane sandy.

The cotton material and the leather are not open country gathering, doubts the collection, but is opening the solution tool through the purchase to decompose the equipment and the weapon obtains. Opens the solution tool to be possible in the merchant place purchase, the application method very to be also simple similarly, directly double-clicks the equipment which the tool clicks again must decompose to be possible to carry on opens the solution.

With the gathering tool different is, opens the solution took the rank influence is absorbed in the equipment to promote the module success ratio and decomposes the double material the probability. If you happen to have the corresponding production specialty, the luck good even may through open the solution custom to result in the promotion of module the manufacture method.
When players hear about that The Lost Shore will begin on Friday noon, a work day, a small part of them feel disappointed because they may also miss this one-time event. One-time event is popular and precious for their time-limitation. As the saying goes, when a thing is rare, it becomes precious. It is a best verification of the above phenomenon.

As the one-time events are pretty popular, and are good for grasp the minds of Guild Wars 2 player, I believe there will be much more similar events in the future. Let’s enjoy them and share some awesome videos with the players who may miss them. Good luck!

So when there is a dispute on the decision ArenaNet made, players should reflect it to the corresponding personnel, through the official forum or the fan forum. Although the one-time event is easy to miss, there is a way to make up for the pity, that is, watch the videos via Youtube. Generally speaking, there will be published a series of videos there after one event published. After all, it is a good way to keep in mind the unforgettable cinematic.