Guild Wars 2

The higher paraffin material can prompt is unable to gather

After the gathering tool purchase cannot gather the material directly, needs to equip the correspondence the equipment fence only then to be possible to carry on gathering, after the tool consumes cannot fill automatically, needs manual to increase, this is the relatively insufficient user friendly, hoped later A society can carry on the adjustment.

First of all, allow me to support “Guild Wars 2”, and Guild Wars 2 Gold has become so popular and successful players thanked. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the game, a disease also quietly spread to many places in the continent of Tyria. I know many of you have found the impact of the plug on the game, but rest assured, we are keeping a close eye on this matter.

Here, I am very pleased to announce our plug-users who were hit hard. In November, we stop 34,000 account using the plug in October, we are able to hourly monitoring to 2000 users of suspicious programs, in writing this article, this figure has dropped to 20, but with the over time, the number of the plug will be further reduced, until completely disappear from our world.

Preliminary tool gathering still may succeed compared to the primary high 1 level of materials, but the tool damage can become time of increase, the higher paraffin material can prompt is unable to gather the end product successfully, only can obtain some garrulous stones. But the high-quality tool gathering preliminary material time damage can quite be slow. If in principle in the economy permit situation, recommends everybody all to buy the intermediate and senior the tool.